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Though life has worned us down Through sun and rain You eyes are still the same Deep blue against all gray.

The Passing Light of Day Lyrics

My lover My best friend Do you remember us That first january You had just turned nineteen And I was to be twenty We fed on politics and poetry Two children fueled by unbroken dreams. You're watching me slowly slip away Like the passing light of day Watching the colors turn to grey Like the passing light of day The passing light of day. Better burn out, they say Than fade away Some candles last an hour And others one full day.


You're watching me slowly slip away Like the passing light of day We're watching the colors Turning grey In the passing light. A lifetime since we met That january Two young kids feeding on politics And poetry Running on dreams.

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Empires have fallen Nations have been born Heroes of our childhood Dead, forgotten or gone But we still stand. All those times that I went away All those times that I couldn't stay I wish that I could give them back Wish that I could give them back. All those times when I failed on you All those times that I turned on you I wish that I could take them back Just wish that I could take them back.

Pain Of Salvation - In The Passing Light Of Day lyrics - Metal Storm

Cos all those times are still here today All those times they still hurt today All those moments return today All those times of another day. You're watching me slowly slip away Like the passing light of day Watching the colors turning grey Like the passing light of day.

I need something new If I could star anew Would it be the same? In the face of seeming indifference from God and lover, our protagonist feigns his own indifference.

Quite frankly, I wish the album leaned a little more in this direction. Indeed, the album might be stronger had some of the extended heavy sections been judiciously edited and a song or two relegated to a bonus disc. Any concept album about death comes with some built in gravitas, but that emotional capital can be invested or squandered. As such, this album will be remembered come December. Edit Master Release.

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  • Progressive Metal. Add Review ole. Arguably poppy, but with very good vocals and those odd time signatures. He has the ability to go from a rasping dark voice to a falsetto in a single line of text, one of the most appealing aspects of the album for me.

    Pain of Salvation – In The Passing Light of Day

    As the guitar and drums carry the song forward, and as the track unfolds, it gets heavier, almost like an old Hard Rock song. A nice hook which really reminds me of Metallicas earlier work, but the vocals are much more suitable to me. The lyrics are meant to be an outering of the desperation felt whilst being alone without your significant other, and that really shines through on this track.

    From the screams, through the spoken words, and all the way to the doubled vocals in the chorus you can tell what this is all about. A simple, yet powerful track.

    passing light

    It feels vulnerable, intimate and above all stripped of all unnecessarities. A promise of a better tomorrow, an ode to hope, which I guess is the meaning behind the album title. After this track, the album takes a different direction, dwelling in the heavy metal side, and sometimes even hard rock.

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    • Not that I mind the chance of venue, but I do prefer it when they return to their opening phase related material. Opening like a calm rock song, it slowly unfurls into a total metal act. A nice riff buildup which is accompanied by a background of synth provides just the right layer of sound.