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I guess now I play the waiting game.

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I will keep you all posted, good luck everyone! I spoke with someone from the board this past Friday because I have the same notice on my breeze about my transcripts. Per the person I spoke with, that means your transcripts are basically being held until they start your application and everything else comes in. The board has everything they need from me but mine still says that. Does anyone know what that means??

Thanks, -Meli. Hi my missing education also disappeared today and it just states status open? Well I guess I am the first to join this conversation for I spoke with a lady today on the number. It took thirteen minutes for them to answer and the phone went silent for a substantial amount of time before it rang.

Which made me think it was a fake number. I have the name. I was told the following timeline :. Only then can I check online for more details. Apparently this would be considered the end of the waiting period. Thanks for the info.. I called the same number and I submitted mine early feb.. Uggh i never thought its gonna be this long. Louise, i sent my endorsement application early Feb also. I know they already received and started processing it but the wait is so long.

I am wondering if i have to wait until i get it to go or i can go and hope to get it soon to go to work. I am worried. Hello everyone…I just have a few questions about the paperwork…I am totally lost.. Do I sign up for it?

Do I need that special transcript request cover page for each of those transcripts? I called BRN and the lady said I only need that cover page for the school where I actually did my nursing degree and not the other ones? I feel unsure about her answer…. Hi Alabama RN, Breeze is the licensing and enforcement system used by the State of California where you can file a complaint, renew, and apply etc etc.

You must send ALL transcripts including those for pre-reqs.

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Not sure if you need the cover page for all requests but I am assuming that you do. I have more than once school as well and I submitted the cover page with both schools. Hope I was able to help a little! Oh boy, what do I say about getting your CA license? Be patient. I applied for my CA license by mailing it Sept. I was given the DCA Breeze link from a travel nursing company. When I checked in early October, I had missing educational requirements according to the website.

My nursing school transcripts and those of some prerequisite courses had already gotten there I think.

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Not good. The gentleman on the phone explained that there were issues with some computer system and as of November, they were still processing applications from August. I was not happy to hear this.

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And by the way, Florida is nowhere near this convoluted. I sent that one and got my license in 6 weeks. Can you tell me where to go to check the status of the licensure online. The DCA link you are referring to! You should be able to check the status on Breeze.

Hope this helps! Hello Whitney — were you able to check your license application status on Breeze? I get the impression that it is used mostly for new grads who are applying for their initial license.. I sent my endorsement application in the mail just 2 weeks ago and am just waiting for my check to hit my bank account I guess? Trying to be patient and just hope that it all works itself out!

Has he tried contacting anyone at the board? I received my permanent license after 9 months of waiting…. I paid for a temporary license too, yet I never received that money back. Had I not paid them a visit in Sacramento, they would have still sat on my paperwork; perhaps even asked me to resubmit more paperwork that I have already sent them.

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The entire ordeal not only caused me so much money to re-order the documents from my former home state, but they have totally compromised my student loans and put me at a financial bind with some of my creditors. However, misplacing applicant's "education history" or transcripts seems to be most common. This State agency does not care, for so long as it is getting paid by the State.

The problem with the current set up is that there has not been a system to keep them in check.. The best of luck to you. I can only hope that all of us in the nursing profession can unite to advocate for ourselves.

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It will involve banding together, bringing this matter up at National Nursing Conventions, airing our concerns to State Representatives. I could go on discussing this, but I think that you have a clearer picture of what the status quo is. Again, the best of luck to you. I called and spoke with someone who said that they just sent my fingerprints to the DOJ and FBI yesterday and it could be another weeks to process!!!

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I worry that they will reject my fingerprints because my hands are so dry from washing them so many times as a nurse. So I spoke with the supervisor at the Nursing board and he was just rude to me. All they tell me to do is be patient. This is a complete nightmare! Toni, What number did you call…I only get an automated message saying they are not taking phone calls.

Did you do finger prints hard copy or did you do live scan? I called as well and finally got to a message that said they were not talking any calls and it hung up on me. I have asked for 3 cards to be sent to me over the last 2 months and not 1 has arrived yet! I am planning a trip out just to do the fingerprinting process!! I Would say not to worry unless you have a deadline to meet for you to have your Ca license on hand. I submitted my application October Before that I called for them to mail me the fingerprint cards because I did not feel like spending extra for a trip there from the east coast.

I got the cards within a week, completed them at my township police station and submitted completed paperwork October. By early this month I received a letter from the board stating they are now forwarding all my paperwork for licensing. Unfortunately, withe the bulk of applications coming in, they probably cannot process lightning-speed considering other states are not even members of nursys. Hang in there and with a little more prayer you should get your license soon! Did the board automatically update your license status on Breeze once they received your application?

I have registered as a new user but am a little confused on what to do next.. I registered right away. I am sure they are processing applications-but with the bulk of applicants, they probably cannot move forward at a very fast pace. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at the university of the Philippines in Diliman and a bachelor of science in nursing also at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

I am hoping however, that with submission of my transcripts they would not require my diploma anymore. They asked for a copy of my New Jersey license and my social security card which I sent two weeks ago. I will post updates. I sent my application July 24th. My check was cashed on August 20th and was quoted weeks from that date.

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I called the beginning of Oct. Called just last week and was told they were still processing applications where checks were cashed in July. Today Oct. Hope this helps some people out with their anxieties about this application process, trust me, I was expecting a wait of 5 months, but it came through in 3.

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If anyone can answer that question it would alleviate all of my stress. I am planning on going to Ca to re-do my live scan prints because I did them greater than 90 days before I sent my app in. Have you tried calling and speaking with someone or a supervisor at the CBON? After months of sending transcripts and trying to get through to anyone at the CBON to see what was holding up my permanent license, I finally recieved it 3 weeks before my temporary expired.