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I called. A woman answered the phone and I gave my name. Soon, a familiar voice boomed down the line. The reason for his indisposition was a swarm of honey bees that had attacked him in his bathroom, while he was getting out of the bath.


He was allowed to send one letter and to receive one letter every six months. On June 23, , Mandela wrote to his daughters, Zenani, who was ten, and Zindziswa, who was eight. Zeni and Zindzi, he called them. For long you may live like orphans without your own home and parents, without the natural love, affection and protection Mummy used to give you. Gone are the days when, after having a warm bath in the evening, you would sit at table with Mummy and enjoy her good and simple food. Gone are the comfortable beds, the warm blankets and clean linen she used to provide.

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Perhaps never again will Mummy and Daddy join you in House No. Nelson Mandela became a byword for virtue all the same. Every schoolchild knows of his contribution to democracy in South Africa, of the sacrifices he made, of his status as an icon of reconciliation. Verdict: carrot. Njabulo S.

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Its hybrid form — part novel, myth, essay, and biography — matches the complexities of its subject matter. Ten years on from its first publication, this revised edition with new content, which includes an introductory essay by Ndebele himself, as well as essays by Dorothy Driver, Antjie Krog, David Medalie, and Sam Raditlhalo, continues to provoke South Africans and possibly others? Books LIVE readers will probably be able to think of a few more…. Celebrate how LindiMazibuko redefines the meaning of being South African.

LindiMazibuko models authenticity.

LindiMazibuko : Do maths. I was a toddler during struggle. That doesn't mean I don't belong. MamphelaR : We need to own the future and shape it.

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That's what LindiMazibuko has started. Less chance for ANC domination. MamphelaR : SA forgets key issues, tolerates pres who should face corruption charges, Guptagate, Nkandla, etc. DonwaldPressly grateful for interaction. Enjoy OwningTheFuture! The Goethe-Institut will continue with its programme of hosting exciting literary voices when Rachel Zadok , author of Sister-Sister , and Kgebetli Moele , author of Untitled , team up to discuss how issues surrounding childhood and adolescence are mirrored in contemporary South African literature.

Children are not only young, developing people, but subjects in their own right — this premise will be the starting point to discuss social constructions of childhood and adolescence, as well as the representation of children in literature.

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Moele and Zadok will read excerpts from their latest work, and their books will be available for sale. Die Burger berig dat die nuus waarskynlik sal wees dat die twee partye saamsmelt. Die Burger het vertroulik verneem dit is waarskynlik die einde van die pad vir dr. In her collection of a novella and short stories, Shadows , Tshuma captured the realities of daily life in Zimbabwe and the peculiar intricacies of being a foreigner in Johannesburg.

My recent trip to Zimbabwe evoked a mixture of emotions in me; it was lovely to be home and heartbreaking at the same time. Home makes me squirm; perhaps it is both personal and social; the me in Zimbabwe resonates an uncomfortable social intimacy; am now more accustomed to the me here in South Africa, who easily melts into the many folds of anonymity in this huge and vigorous space. At home, one meets familiar faces at every corner, and one is ever aware at once of belonging to a larger, more intimate social quilt. One embroiders these seams with something of the expected social discourse.

Read PDF Onder die radar: Stories uit ons land (Afrikaans Edition)

Forgotten your password? Enter your username or email address and we'll send you reset instructions Username or Email: Back to login. In this timeless and uniquely South African tale, first published in , Professor Njabulo Ndebele tells the stories of four ordinary women who waited for their husbands only to be later thanked with infidelity. In the world of publishing, Nelson Mandela is an industry unto himself.

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The sheer mass of titles concerning Mandela is already starting to rival those of other Goliaths of history, including Lincoln, Stalin, Hitler and Churchill. Mandela is a powerhouse publishing brand. This is partly due to the success of his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom , which caused a sensation when it was published in Since its release, two to three major books on Mandela have appeared each year, alongside countless other attempts from publishers large and small to access the busy Mandela book market.

The edition has since been reprinted internationally and is being rushed to bookstores across the world. Internationally, sales of the film tie-in edition of the book have surged following the premier of the eponymous biopic starring Idris Elba as Mandela. Many a stocking will be stuffed with a Mandela book this year. Some stockings will be stuffed with particularly special Mandela books.

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Who took the keys?? On the day our new neighbours came to our house, my brother Ofodile bit my mother on the arm. She was feeding him, pushing soft mashed yam into his mouth. She did it quickly, she always did, spoonful chasing another spoonful, then a plastic cup of water forced into his mouth to make him swallow.

She did it silently, without really looking at him, her movements thick with duty, in his bedroom with the foam-carpeted floor that caught his falls. The door was always shut. Never ajar. When guests visited, the door was not just shut but locked, Ofodile sleeping inside. Sometimes she asked me to lock his door and I did it as she did, key turned swiftly, not looking in to see him first. It features names that will be well familiar to followers of SA Lit. Etisalat is a telecommunications provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with business links in several parts of Africa especially Nigeria.

The prize itself has attracted some criticism since being launched, for not accepting translated works and for running a flash fiction competition that may have been too ambitious. The books will be whittled down to a shortlist in January, and the overall winner of the prize will be announced in February. We returned and met the first floor burnt.