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In favor of this understanding we note that nowhere else does Scripture record angelic beings—whether elect or fallen—appearing in feminine form despite popular misconceptions. This understanding finds further support from the interpretation provided by the angel who is guiding Zechariah during the sequence of visions. Concerning the woman in the basket, he says, "This is wickedness! Moreover, the two women carrying the basket have, "wings like the wings of a stork". Notice that they did not have stork's wings, but wings like a stork. Key words "like," "as," and "resembling" are often indicators that what is being communicated is not literal, but symbolizes something else which is.

In this case, the reference to wings like that of a stork is an intentional reference to an unclean bird Lev.

Since we find unclean birds representing evil or demonic influence in other passages Mat. With its two metre wingspan, the flight of the Eastern imperial eagle is a striking sight.

Angel Flight

But this powerful predator has become the prey. After decades […]. September 27, Have you ever had to wait for a delayed flight?

During her epic migration journey, the Egyptian vulture Sara had […]. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Early that morning, he brought June and her parents over for the unveiling. His love for her was perfect spirit, deep as the ocean, no lust at all. Ward gazed at the white rose. It would look great on her, a reflection of the white rose of her soul.

Out the ornate door with its elfin carvings they went. Straddling a limb beside him? You can almost see her there, laughing and scrapping back at him. Ward turned away and headed for the house.

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As he stepped through the sliding glass door, Joydrop looked up from the breakfast table. A hayfall of hair fanned out, ends frayed, upon the shoulders of her baby-blue nightgown. She babooned her lips at the brim of a steaming mug and sipped tea that smelled of matted straw. Her favorite.

the silhouette flying angel stork carries a bag of babies vector cartoon character

He poured the last swish of it into the sink, set his glass on the sideboard, and headed for the hall. Grampa liked her work and she took good care of Gramma. But Ward had always thought of Joydrop Heartline, born Glenda Hertlein, more like an eccentric aunt who comes to visit and never quite leaves. She was an outsider by choice and destiny, and content to remain so.

He wet his toothbrush and whiffled a blue-mint cleansing throughout his mouth, spat, rinsed, swirled water past gums and teeth. Behind him in the mirror, Timothy hovered over his shoulders like an excited friend, jazzed about dropping in on June.

Angels of the Sky: Saskatchewan Air Ambulance flight nurses, paramedics and pilots

A defiant Davis had been the sole holdout. Sister cities close to Sacramento were malled, siliconized, and overpopulated beyond recognition. You know me, Harold. This place is precious. If we were the sort to be tempted, we could get all kinds of rich and powerful here.

Let the place go to hell, let the riff-raff in, those heartless developers. His wife drove down Sheridan and swung left onto Main.

Nicely preserved for. Wrong word. But Thea had lucked out. Plenty of years had passed under the bridge. Plenty of changes in both of them. It has historic interest, that rooted feel, fourteen hundred fine folks keeping things on an even keel, just the right balance of retail trade with agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and the everyday services people deserve. City Hall came up on the right.

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Beside it stood the County Courthouse, built eighty years back and recently restored to its original marble. Across the street was the town square, a pride of flowers and greenery, walkways and benches, and a spanking new gazebo that had hosted Tuesday night musical groups in the summer just past.

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Citizens brought picnic baskets and blankets and shared an easy camaraderie. Thea had looked positively radiant as she welcomed each set of performers and joined Harold on the grass to relax in lawn chairs and drink mint tea while the music delighted them. Then she stiffened. Stupid question.